Between Two Lives

Documentary Film Outline

A Tale of Art, War, and Resilience

Meet Vira, navigating two worlds: by day, a dedicated mother and film worker, and by night, a supporter of her cousin Petro, an artist thrust into the frontlines of East Ukraine. Petro, both a soldier and an artist, faces battles, injuries, and surgery.

Vira’s mission is to organize an exhibition in Toronto showcasing Petro’s art, a glimmer of hope amid war’s uncertainties. ‘Between Two Lives’ captures their intertwining journeys—Vira’s preparation for the exhibit while Petro fights on the frontlines. It’s a story of resilience and determination in the face of chaos.

Join us in bringing ‘Between Two Lives’ to life—a tale where art meets the frontlines and two lives become one extraordinary narrative.

Images from Petro’s Phone

Map Of Orikhiv, Where Petro Was Located