Case Studies

Unlocking Success

Nymity‘s Privacy Compliance Success with Engaging Videos

Nymity, a pioneering leader in privacy compliance solutions, needed an effective strategy to boost sales and elevate brand awareness within the highly competitive niche of privacy compliance. Their challenge was to communicate their unique accountability, risk, and compliance privacy software solutions in a way that resonated with a diverse and global audience.

Understanding Nymity’s complex offerings and target audience, we designed a comprehensive video marketing strategy. We produced a series of engaging corporate videos that highlighted Nymity’s products, processes, and real-world impact. Additionally, we conducted interviews with Nymity clients to provide authentic testimonials and case studies.

Nymity’s partnership with LVL UP Media Inc. resulted in a remarkable 12% increase in sales. Our engaging corporate videos provided a visually compelling way to educate their audience about complex privacy compliance solutions. Additionally, the client interviews added credibility and trust, showcasing real-world success stories.

Supercharging Nymity‘s success: achieving a 12% sales boost

This collaboration with LVL UP Media Inc. perfectly illustrates the power of video marketing in a highly specialized industry. By effectively communicating their unique software solutions and providing real client testimonials, Nymity not only significantly increased brand awareness but also boosted sales. Their commitment to privacy compliance and accountability has been effectively conveyed to a global audience, establishing them as a standout leader in the field.

Revolutionizing Tax Solutions

Tax Mechanic Gains Thousands of Followers and Likes on Social Media

LVL UP Media Inc. was approached by Tax Mechanic, a tax preparation and accounting services company, to help increase their online presence and grow their social media following. After conducting an analysis of their current social media profiles and online engagement, LVL UP Media Inc. developed a strategic plan to increase their reach and engagement on two popular platforms, TikTok and Instagram.

LVL UP Media Inc. successfully generated over 8 million views for Tax Mechanic

LVL UP Media Inc. began by creating a content strategy that focused on informative and engaging content related to tax preparation and accounting services. The team created a series of short-form videos for TikTok, which highlighted tax tips and tricks in an entertaining and engaging way. For Instagram, they created a mix of graphics, reels, and stories that showcased the brand’s expertise and provided valuable information to followers.


Through consistent posting and engagement with followers, Tax Mechanic’s social media following began to grow. In just six months, they saw significant results with 15.9K followers and 55.9K likes on TikTok, as well as 4.7K followers on Instagram. This increase in online engagement led to a 32% increase in website traffic, and ultimately, an increase in business for Tax Mechanic.

15.9K followers and 55.9K likes on TikTok

LVL UP Media Inc.‘s comprehensive approach to social media management and content creation helped Tax Mechanic achieve their online goals and improve their business. The strategic use of social media platforms and creative content production led to a significant increase in followers and engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-executed social media strategy.

A Success Story in Toronto’s Music Scene

LVL UP Boosts AfrowaveTO‘s Online Engagement with Video Campaign

AfrowaveTO, a Toronto-based Afrobeat non-profit company, partnered with LVL UP Media Inc. to enhance their social media presence and create engaging video content. Our team took over their social media management, produced high-quality YouTube videos, live streams, and event videos that boosted their online engagement and expanded their audience.

Our strategy involved creating and curating relevant and engaging content for their target audience, sharing updates and highlights from their events, and leveraging trending hashtags and challenges. We also designed a consistent brand image by utilizing a similar visual style across all platforms, from Instagram to YouTube.

Through our social media management and video marketing campaign for AfrowaveTO, we were able to increase their online engagement and connect with their target audience. We shared updates and highlights from their events, utilized trending hashtags and challenges, and produced high-quality YouTube videos and live streams. As a result, we helped drive more traffic to their website, leading to an increase in ticket sales for their events. Our efforts helped AfrowaveTO expand their audience and grow their online presence in the Toronto Afrobeat community.

AfrowaveTO saw a significant increase in ticket sales, with a 30% increase in event attendance compared to the previous year

Overall, our social media management and video marketing campaign helped AfrowaveTO grow their online presence, increase their brand awareness, and connect with their target audience.