Drone Video

Captivating Drone Videography

Elevate Your Vision with Aerial Cinematography

Experience the world from a fresh perspective with LVL UP Media Inc. Our expert drone shooting and video editing services capture stunning aerial footage that adds dynamism and depth to your projects. Whether it’s for corporate, real estate, or cinematic shots, we’re here to elevate your storytelling. Elevate your vision with us.

  • Aerial Footage

    Elevate your visuals with stunning aerial views. Ideal for films, documentaries, and promotional content, drone footage adds cinematic flair and immersive perspectives.

  • Real Estate Tours

    Transform property listings with captivating drone tours. Showcase homes from all angles, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive view of their future investment.

  • Dealerships

    Revamp your automotive marketing with dynamic drone videos. Showcase your inventory, from lot flyovers to detailed vehicle shots, attracting potential buyers and setting your dealership apart.

  • Event Coverage

    Capture the essence of events with dynamic drone shots. From weddings to festivals, drones add excitement and unique angles to your coverage.

LVL UP Studios

Studio Space For Your Projects

LVL UP Studios in Toronto’s Riverdale neighborhood is a premier 2000 sq ft photo and video production space, designed to elevate your creative vision. Our bright and modern loft-style studio offers ample space for projects, with makeup tables, change rooms, and a specialized kitchen area for video shoots. We provide extensive equipment rental services, including top-of-the-line cameras, lights, and props. Our state-of-the-art video editing and color correction suite ensures flawless post-production.

  • Our clients get discount bonuses for studio and equipment rentals