Podcasting / Streaming

Lights, Camera, Internet!

Elevate Your Live Streaming and Podcasting Experience

LVL UP Media Inc. offers top-notch podcasting and live streaming production, providing up to 10 cameras, professional lighting, film-quality sound, and wireless microphones for high-definition broadcasts.

With live streaming, you can quickly generate a plethora of content, including Reels, TikToks, and Snippets, to keep your social media platforms buzzing with engagement.

Elevate your brand with captivating live streaming experiences.

  • Video Podcast

    Take your podcast to new heights with our seamless video podcasting services. Engage your audience visually with professional live streaming and recording options that captivate and inspire

  • Festival or Concert

    Experience the thrill of festivals and concerts through our expert live streaming production. We capture every moment, ensuring an immersive experience for both in-person and remote audiences

  • Live Event or Conference

    Make your conferences and events unforgettable with our flawless live streaming services. Engage attendees worldwide with real-time broadcasts of presentations, panels, and Q&A sessions

  • Presentation or Product Launch

    Launch your products and presentations in style with our captivating live streaming expertise. Showcase your brand’s story with visually stunning elements and attention-grabbing visuals

Recent Streams

LVL UP Studios

Studio Space For Your Projects

LVL UP Studios in Toronto’s Riverdale neighborhood is a premier 2000 sq ft photo and video production space, designed to elevate your creative vision. Our bright and modern loft-style studio offers ample space for projects, with makeup tables, change rooms, and a specialized kitchen area for video shoots. We provide extensive equipment rental services, including top-of-the-line cameras, lights, and props. Our state-of-the-art video editing and color correction suite ensures flawless post-production.

  • Our clients get discount bonuses for studio and equipment rentals